Return to the Red Zone

Avonmore’s Your Place Café & Bar is proud to be one of the first businesses back into Christchurch’s Red Zone. For our city to take shape as a great place to live, learn, work, study and play we need businesses to make their way back into the CBD. For the CBD to become an urban centre we need people just like you to support the local cafés, bars and restaurants that are located in all the nooks and crannies in the midst of the rebuild. Watch the city take shape around you from Your Place.

The Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 destroyed Avonmore’s Head Office on Cashel Street and hospitality training facility Arches Café and Bar, which was located in the city centre on Hereford Street. Both buildings were ‘red stickered’ post the February earthquakes. Since the quakes Avonmore spent two years trying to find a new location for Head Office, our training salons for hairdressers, our business and computing schools and the hospitality training school.

In 2012 Avonmore made the brave decision to be one of the first businesses to re-enter the CBD Red Zone by building a new custom designed training facility. The creation of Your Place is a journey from broken buildings to a brave new city centre that attracts residents, workers, shoppers and students.

Avonmore’s decision to relocate back into the CBD was based on a desire to see Christchurch’s city centre become the exciting urban environment it was pre-quakes. At Avonmore we strongly believe that a student population is key to creating a bustling city centre. Students bring young energy and play a key part in supporting the hospitality industry, in particular the café and bar scene, to thrive.